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A Big Thank You

KL Vol.6

Like Khao Lak this magazine continues to develop and grow. It is intended to offer an invaluable source of information for visitors to enable them to enjoy their visit even more. So a big thank you to all its readers in print, on-line and on Facebook. Most of all though, production would not be possible without its sponsors, advertisers and contributors past and present. Any suggestions for articles for future editions would be most welcome.


The Khao Lak Magazine Team

Khao Lak Street Food

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Khao Lak Street Food Insight

Street Food

One of the hypes about Thailand is the flavourful “Thai Cuisine”. Tourists around the world flock to Thailand to explore beautiful culture, pristine beaches, relish their holidays and recognizably get sunk in the savory taste of Thai food. It’s undeniable that Khao Lak itself offers abundant choices from fresh seafood to international venues. One way to enjoy Thai food and culture at the same time is to experience “Street Food”. Newcomers who visit Thailand may feel a bit skeptical about food on sticks that have been lying out in the summer heat thus here are 7 items you must try and the tricks to keep yourself from unclean food.

1. Somtam (Papaya Salad) and Grilled Chicken, the King and the Queen of Thai street food. In Khao Lak, you see many motorcycles with a glass cabinet in which you could spot raw shredded papaya and the Thai style BBQ grill. There are several pieces of meat like breast, thigh and chicken leg that you can choose from. Ask them to warm them up on the grill while you’re waiting for your papaya salad. Try to get Tam Tai, which is not scarily spicy and the peanuts add a creamy flavour to this tangy dish.

Khao Sok National Park

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Khao Sok

Khao Sok straddles the central mountain range which forms the backbone of the Malaysian Peninsula and is located just south of the Isthmus of Kra, the peninsula’s bottleneck. Monsoon rains sweep into these mountains from the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea making this area the wettest of Thailand.

Khao Sok has a complex geological history dating back 300 million years, when the Permian limestone was built up from corals in a warm, shallow and quiet sea. This coral reef stretched from China to Borneo and later became deeply buried under new sediment, which created immense heat and pressure resulting in the limestone rocks we see today.

During the last Ice Age, water was trapped in the enlarged polar caps and the sea level fall, rejuvenating the fluvial systems and producing greater erosion. When the sea levels rose again, the process of erosion was slowed resulting in the smaller meandering rivers and dramatic topography we see now.

The Green Season

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Fishermen at Khuk Khak Beach

Fishermen at Khuk Khak Beach

Khao Lak is known as a quiet, secluded destination even during the peak tourist season. Over the last few years Khao Lak’s been gaining in popularity during the off season months. The monsoon rains feed the lush forested hills, plants and trees thrive giving this time of year it’s name, the Green Season. If your idea of a relaxing holiday is peace and quiet with a good book you’ve certainly found the right place. However, if you are searching for more,

9 Best Tours in Phang Nga

Get more out of your Holiday ! Here are the 9 best tours in Phang Nga, Thailand. Enjoy natural beauty, tropical Islands, evergreen Rainforest and so much more.

Similan Islands

1 Similan Islands
The Similan Islands are a group of 9 beautiful tropical islands in the Andaman Sea. 2 of them can be visited.  The islands have pristine white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters, perfect for both divers and snorkelers. Or if you just want a nice day out the Similan Islands can offer it all. The total package of scenery, beach, blue waters and underwater life makes the Similan Islands a must visit on your Khao Lak Holiday.

Die Similan Inseln sind eine Gruppe von 9 wunderschönen tropischen Inseln in der Andamansee. 2 von ihnen können besichtigt werden. Die Inseln haben unberührte weiße Sandstrände und kristallklares Wasser, perfekt für Taucher und Schnorchler, oder wenn Sie wollen einfach nur einen schönen Tag. Das gesamte Paket aus Landschaft, Strand, blauem Wasser und Unterwasserleben macht die Similans ein Muss auf Ihrer Khao Lak Reise.

3rd Issue KL Magazine

The 3rd issue of KL Magazine is at the print shop and will be distributed after 10 Nov 2012. This new issue is a bit a special one, we got 4 pages extra ! And as the high season started, we have some articles and photos about what to do in Khao Lak and Phang Nga.

This issue we kick-off with:

- 9 Best tours in Phang Nga

- Diving in the Similan Islands and beyond

- Yoga

and much more !


2nd Issue KL Magazine

2nd issue KL Magazine

The second issue from KL Magazine is out !

- Editor’ Note
- About Khao Lak
- Cover Story: Tachai Island
- Cuisine: Bussaba Restaurant
- Activities: Sri Phang Nga National Park
- Business Spotlight: Sasimar Art Gallery
- Health and Wellness: Water
- Sport: Cycling in Khao Lak

Have fun !

Cover Story – Tachai Island

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In the midst of Indian Ocean, to the west of Thailand’s Phang Nga province lays the Similan Marine National Park. This group of islands is considered to be one of the top dive destinations in the world, mainly due to the wonders that await beneath the clear blue waters that surround the islands. The Similans were designated the 43rd national park of Thailand in 1982 and cover an area of 128 km², including Koh Bon and the two rocky outcrops of Shark Fin Reef as well as Elephant Head Rock. In 1998, another 12 km² of Koh Tachai was added to the park, expanding the total area to 140 km², of which 15 km² is land.

A solitary island located 20km north of Koh Bon, Koh Tachai has magnificent white sandy  beaches with two interesting dive spots – Eastern Reef and the southern pinnacles known as “Tachai Pinnacles” or “Twin Peaks”, a pair of submerged pinnacles south of the island. It has varied and abundant marine life but is also well-known for the sometimes radically different colors of the coral. Manta Rays visit for cleaning sessions as well as to feed and circle around the area of the pinnacles. Divers can also encounter whale sharks, although sightings are rarer. On the outer sandy bed, divers can usually see leopard sharks, sometimes up to three or four of them on the same dive. In addition, it is possible to find Jenkin’s rays as well. Shoals of chevron and yellow tailed barracuda, bluefin trevally, batfish, snappers and fusiliers are common here. Exotic species in the Similans like, for example, oceanic triggerfish can also be found on the reef here.