Surin Islands National Park

Surin Islands

The Surin Islands National Park is known for pristine reefs, lush jungles and remote location on the edge of the Andaman Sea. There are five islands – all uninhabited except for the small Moken or Sea Gypsy village. They are located about 90 km North West of Khao Lak and are usually accessed from the pier at Kuraburi taking about 75 minutes, the same time as the speedboat transfer. The islands have the largest and most developed coral reefs in the Andaman Sea.

There are a huge number of different species of fish and sharks and sea turtles are plentiful. The Surin Islands also have a broad selection of animal life, including the Nicobar Pigeon and Mangrove Monitor Lizards.14km to the east of the Surins is the world famous dive site Richelieu Rock, famous for seeing the world’s largest fish, the Whale Shark, most often sighted in March and April. Trips to the Surins can be for a day or several nights in simple bungalows or tents or, particularly for divers, on liveaboards. Again the National Park closes to all diving and snorkelling from May to the beginning of November each year.

Article by Alan, Photo by Kuraburi Greenview Travel

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